"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground."

- Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, Paris, 27 May 1788

History has shown that big centralized government doesn't work because it breeds corruption and stifles liberty. Our country's founders already knew this from their own experience and went to great lengths to setup a framework that would foster individual liberty and local government while limiting central government.  As you browse this website, be sure to read the quotes in the sidebar, most of which are linked to their sources (mouse over quote and click). 

Regardless of our political leanings, it is vitally important for the sake of our children to recognize that government has failed dramatically in our country.  The government now spends an astronomical amount of money that is not even able to be covered by the most extreme taxation that one could imagine.  The problem is irresponsible and corrupt leadership and not a lack of taxation and government programs.  We are going bankrupt very quickly.  Ultimately it is our fault because we demand increasingly more from our governments, and we most often elect leaders who tell us that they will give us "poor people" money and programs if they are elected.  We even look the other way when our officials hide behind accounting gimmicks to "give" us what we want without raising taxes or cutting spending.  We have been deceived into thinking that every problem needs to be solved by legislation and new government programs.   At least if all of the borrowed money were spent to truly help people that would be some consolation, but much of it is wasted and even outright stolen.  One does not have to try very hard to see the evidence of this.  It is rampant.  It should be clear to us by now where this is taking us.  This is disastrous and for the sake of our children, we must reverse the government growth trend and reclaim our liberty along with the responsibilities that accompany it. 

More and more government officials (along with the forces that surround them) are counting on our ignorance and are hoping to buy our votes.  They want us to exchange our liberty for government "protection".  The strategy is working well and is destroying the fabric of the American spirit.   We must remember our history.  History has already shown us that big government leads to big corruption and enslavement.  We don't need to repeat the experiment.